Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Googled Fat Geisha

Out of curiosity, and the fact that I just started this blog, I googled "Fat Geisha" to see what would turn up.

Lo and behold, there is a "Fat Geisha" term in the urban dictionary (dated 2006) and the meaning is totally NOT flattering:

Fat Geisha: An imitator of something great, someone who uses others' greatness as their own; a poser, hack, imitator, cheat.

!!!!! Dear readers, I can completely assure you that I am none of the above. It was a spur of a moment term that came to me as I was updating my Facebook status on Japan-related updates, and my friends loved the name and so the name got stuck. Who knew that it had such an unsavoury meaning? Like hallo, what had the fat geishas of this world done to warrant such a term??? Tsk, tsk.

Regardless of this shocking finding, I shall continue to utilise this identity for the blog as per my original intentions. Don't discriminate us fat geishas because of that - we are truly innocent of any dissembling. (Am batting my heavily mascaraed eyelashes to gain your sympathy.)

Now I need to rest my poor heart and recover from the shock before my next post.

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