Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to Work and a New Guest Contributor

Tiddletoo! Darling Readers did you miss me? Such a fabulously long weekend of gallivanting around town, and now it is already Wednesday?? Time to get back to work, no, after such a long absence? I hope that you have enjoyed Samurai T's maiden blog post (not too boring right), and cross your fingers there will be more posts on Nara and Kamakura coming your way, provided he is not bogged down by work or too fixated playing his computer games during his free time - you know, MEN.

And now, let us welcome another guest contributor on board, Ms Bee Furn! She is indeed the true blue Japan expert, much more so than moi, and we are most honoured to have her join our panel. At least 10 times to Japan (correct me if I am wrong, BF)!!! And a true blue SHOPPING QUEEN to boot. We must all quiver with anticipation for her posts, and for shopoholics especially, await her shopping tips!

Alrightey back to serious writing.......

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