Monday, August 2, 2010

Fat Geisha Looking for Maikos

Moi is looking for willing and experienced contributors (Maikos) to the blog. I never see myself as a true blue Japan expert, rather a fan sharing her exuberance about the country. And there are still SO MANY places that I have not yet experienced for myself first hand!

However for this blog to be truly effective and useful to others, I hope that friends will be willing to share their experiences AND expertise as guest contributors (So I can learn too!). I am trying to persuade Samurai T, my in-house history expert, to write about the historical background of some of the major tourist sites. Let's see if it comes to pass.

So, please leave me a message if you are keen to become a guest contributor. I look forward to having many maikos, daimyos and shoguns make their appearances on this blog.

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