Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Japanese Desserts: Meiji Soft Yoghurt - My Favourite Anytime Dessert

I have decided that blogging non-stop about my Japan travel experiences can become a little too mundane and tedious, not just for me, but also for readers who are NOT going to Japan in the immediate future. Since I had so much fun blogging about Takuya, I figured if seized by inspiration, I shall blog about non travel related stuff but try to keep to my Nihon theme. Which brings me to this......

The above currently ranks as my favourite "anytime" dessert.  Recommended a couple of months ago to me by, who would have thought of it, Mr "Junk Food" Samurai T, who came across Meiji's latest range of soft yoghurt in school (they were having a promotion or something). Since I had my first taste, I was instantly hooked, and now I have like 8 cups of these things in my fridge at all times, and I can eat them morning, afternoon, night, sometimes even using them as lunch replacements. Yes, this perennial diet that I am on....whether it is successful is altogether another matter.

There is apparently 4 to 6 flavours (Mix Fruits, Mix Berries, Strawberry, etc.) but I am only addicted to one, the "NataDeCoco", which is weird because I was never particularly fond of coconuts. But this flavour of yoghurt (I have tried them all) is so supremely delicious that I buy this and nothing else. So yes, there are now EIGHT "NataDeCoco" Meiji soft yoghurts in my fridge.

But unlike ice cream, I do not feel any guilt binging on them. For goodness sake, there is even a "Healthier Choice" stamp on the product by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. According to its Nutrition Factsheet, there is only 0.9g of fat per serving, some dietary fibre, lots of calcium and of course live cultures which are good for the intestines and balancing my sometimes whacked out pH levels. AND not forgetting it is cheap. About SGD1.50 for 2 cups, which translates to 75cents per cup!

Cheap and good, just my kind of thing. Alright time to reward myself with another dose.

P.S. I am not paid to endorse the product, but hey if Meiji ever by some miracle chance upon this blog, I will be happy to accept a lifetime worth of free "NataDeCoco" yoghurt. :D

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