Monday, August 16, 2010

My Gatsby

And this will be my first blog post with videos. I just learnt to embed them - so clever, no??

For bleach colour product. Like the Japanese version of Willy Wonka.

Ok this is completely off topic, but I simply couldn't resist. I recently saw the latest Gatsby ad featuring Takuya Kimura and I felt that I just have to get it out of my system.

Takuya (oh yes, I am on first name basis with him) and Mandom (maker of Gatsby products) have been cooperating on several TV ads over the past few years, and they have never failed to tickle my senses. Most of the time, the ads (like the one above) make no sense at all, and it is the absolute weirdness of it all that make them so fascinating. Thankfully Takuya is more than up to the job. Need him to look sexy as he spray copious amounts of deodorant (to the extent of damaging the environment) on himself? Done. Need him to ham up while wiping his body down like an exotic dancer with a bunch of men? Done. Need him to look mysterious and enigmatic while dancing sleek moves? Done, done and done.

Coupled with the great song (which is now my ringtone!) based on The Stylistics "Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)", transformed into "I....Can Give You GATSSS..BY.......", and you have a winning, cannot-get-out of-your-mind advertisment. Of course, the ad series has many detractors as well, who lambast them as overly gay, nonsensical and ridiculous. Oh you stupid, non-creative sour grapes. Nevertheless, the advertisers have achieved their goal. You may hate the ad, but you will remember it, probably till the day you die, with the Gatsby song still ringing in your head.

More ads here for your entertainment. By the way, I totally love the facial wash ad. Imagine if you buy it for your husband/boyfriend, and he transforms into Takuya Kimura?!?! (And a netizen noted, the hair will also grow longer, which is fantastic if your partner is balding.) Surely, hordes of ladies will be rushing out to buy men's facial products and I'll be the first in line. (Sorry, Samurai T, my love.)

Another one which I have not seen before. Great hair, Takuya!

One of my faves: the Facial Wash Ad.

The latest one I saw - for body wipes!! Hilarious.


Ying Ser said...

Woo hoo, spread the Takuya infection. Another friend bought a gatsby hairspray because she so in love with him now. She didn't know who he is till I shared the video. For me, I spend the morning clicking Takuya's gatsby video on youtube one after another. I grinned when I saw your post title on my RSS feed in Yahoo. : P

He is one advertisement king, from cameras, cup noodles, woman's bag to cars.

Gay-like, my foot. Did u see the Aqua gatsby video. If it had been another man, it would have looked really stupid

FatGeisha said...

Indeed only he could have carried these ads perfectly. The Gatsby ads are almost like an art form. Did you see the one with him and an animal - dog or sloth? So kawaii!! Most entertained. Now I got to go online and get my Takuya drama fix.

Duannie said...

I thought I was Kimu-Taku's greatest fan but you certainly top it with this tribute. How about we both take a trip to Japan to stalk him?!?!?! I will dirty him and you can wipe him down.

Duannie said...
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Ying Ser said...

LOL, I remembered when I was in Tokyo a few years ago. I was wondering what was going when I stepped out of the mall. Found out that SMAP was opening a shop at One Omodesando. There was security manning the massive crowds outside the mall. Didn't see the group or Takuya. Not there yet. Since I assumed the fans came very early to queue.

FatGeisha said...

@duan, I am not his number one fan cos I did not get a personalized birthday card from takuya. To both: can u imagine the ruckus we will cause - thirty-something women screaming at a SMAP concert???

Duannie said...

SMAP touring in Japan right now. Also in Shanghai in October. Alternatively, you can download their concerts from Soku.