Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to Japanese Toilets

One of the things that got me very excited the first time I went to Japan were their high-tech toilets. I have heard so much about them being one of a kind that I was dying to try them.

Now I may not be the most sanitary nor fastidious person in the world, but clean, beautiful toilets top my list of absolute neccessities wherever I go. Particularly in less developed countries, I tend to veer towards brand new, higher end hotels, never mind that I have to fork out more money. When I have got to go, it has to be in a pristine environment, not cracked walls and yellow toilet bowls (or worse, cockroaches scuttling across the floor) - yeeesh!

The Japanese obviously share my sentiments. They have brought toilet technology to a level not seen around the world. The toilet seats can warm your butt in winter, wash your bum in varying degrees of water pressure, then blow-dry, play music in public so other members of the public cannot hear you doing the dirty, etc. You can find them in the smallest towns, family owned restaurants, traditional ryokans - EVERYWHERE.

Like WOW, why is it not exported to Singapore?!?! Or anywhere else for that matter? Too difficult and/or expensive to maintain? Too many electrical components hence people are afraid of being electrocuted in their seats (Electrical toilet bowl - hahaha)? Or just simply most people other than the Japanese view going to the toilet as something base, rather than an art? Such a neccessary part of our lives, and so easily dismissed. Samurai T is a culprit - he finds the Jap toilets way too fanciful, but I think secretly he does not really know how to operate those buttons (snigger).

I think I may have a new business idea. Let me go ponder more on my toilet seat.

P.S. Sumimasen to those who may be offended by this post!


LowCC said...

share your sentiment about toilets...children were fascinated by the JP toilet bowls too and took a number of pics.
We saw on Sg newspaper on such toilet bowls, just that it has no heating, so no batteries and AC power required, and it was not expensive.
Will check if Hana wants be a contributor on Hokkaido on your blog...

FatGeisha said...

Oh that would be great! I cannot write anything on Hokkaido because I have not been there yet. Let me know!