Saturday, August 7, 2010

Presenting Samurai T and a Long Weekend

Some of my darling readers will probably notice that Samurai T has been added as a contributor to this blog. As I am writing, he is also working on his very first post. You may have figured out why I haven't been writing about Japan's sights - as many of them are history related, it is better to throw it all to the in-house history expert. However, I am afraid I cannot guarantee if the post will be dry as bone - very much like a history lecture - hahaha, but I am sure you will learn something from it (if you manage to finish reading, that is). Anyway, keep a lookout for his maiden piece - coming soon!

I just learnt also that I can have up to 100 contributors to this blog. If I ever manage to find 100 people, effectively this means that I do not even have to write - cool huh?

This weekend is also a celebration of our great National Day - 45 years and counting. It is a bit depressing to think that my country is only 10 years older than me. Oh well. I will spend the extra holidays going for my Japanese classes, having nice dinners with Samurai T, as well as catching up on my reading. I am very excited because I have 2 of my favourite authors waiting for me - Steve Berry and David Gibbins with their latest adventures (actually I have just finished Berry's "The Paris Vendetta" - it's great - conspiracy theory and all that!). Hmm, acccording to Amazon, Gibbin's "Mask of Troy" paperback comes out in May 2011, but I am already holding it in my hand!! Weird.

Happy Holidays everyone!

(P.S.!!! Samurai T's post is just OUT. But it is positioned before this post because he actually started writing awhile ago - blog goes by start date. As you can see, he is quite anxious and took a long time to write it, so BE KIND!)

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