Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scary Ne! This is going to be a very long blog!

Originally I started this blog as sort of a travel advisory to friends based on my own experiences, but the more I write, the more I realise I have a lot to write. In fact, what I have written so far have barely touched the tip of the ice-berg! And if I cannot finish up Japan, what more other countries?! Fat Geisha is turning out to be very long-winded, no? I fear, at this rate, by the time my friends left for their Japan trip, they haven't learnt that many tips from me. (Hide my face in shame.)

As such, at the expense of my own private blog, I have been trying to bang out as many articles as I can each day. Problem is, I cannot really control where my inspiration is going. My manicured fingers have a life of their own and type what they wanted to type.

Since this appears to be a rather long drawn process, and I have been working so very hard (research takes time ok??) I have decided to make it more professional and also to monetize the blog. Not that I am hoping that the blog will become a money making machine (if it does, then a bonus!), but now I am an Amazon Associate so you will see some Amazon ads like those in this post. However, I promise to recommend only stuff that I like, and not pepper the whole blog with ads, which will be WAY too ugly. The above Japan guides are the very ones I used on my trips. I am a sucker for colourful pictures (don't like too wordy guides), hence I love the Insight Japan guide - I have one at home!

For vanity's sake I have also added a pink stat counter along the sidebar to track unique visitors (not page loads) to this blog, but the number is pathetic at the moment (not that I am expecting anything else). I know there are gentle supporters out there for Fat Geisha, so do openly follow me via Google ya? That will be such a balm on my sensitive soul.

The good news is that my call for new blog contributors may be coming to fruition, so hopefully , darling readers, you will not have to see me everyday, otherwise you may become bored with me, and THAT, I cannot accept. ;)


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