Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Japanese Food: The Yummiest Salad Dressing Ever

I have been very lazy in the last two weeks or so - just a general feeling of inertia which frightens me somewhat. I am even too lazy to blog religiously (although there are many things I have to write about), and do the most basic of housework. The lack of productivity is alarming since I don't understand why this is so.

Because I am not in the mood for a long post, I would just like to take a few minutes to rave about my new favourite salad dressing, a sesame-based sauce which I fell in love with after dining at Saboten, a wonderful tonkatsu place at Parco Millenia (I am supposed to review the restaurant first but oh well). At Saboten, as with most tonkatsu restaurants, we were given free flow of lovely cabbage and a choice of 2 dressings. Samurai T and I always go for the sesame dressing which is just about the most delicious thing on earth. Between the two of us, we can finish an entire bottle (the restaurant staff must always be horrified to see us "Here comes the sesame sauce-guzzlers!"). And because of the dressing, full of nutty sweet flavours, I can normally consume up to 4 bowls (!!!) of cabbage over one meal. Astounding no?

Kinnogomadare from NTUC

Thanks to my fellow contributor, Bee Furn, I soon realise I can actually buy the dressing off the shelves from the majority of supermarkets in Singapore. Based on her recommendation (she is also crazy about the sauce), I bought the Kinnogomadare brand as pictured above and have been using it on my lunch salads ever since. Accordingly, besides sesame and soybeans, ingredients included in the making of the sauce are almonds, cashew nuts, musturd extract and white pepper. No wonder it smells and tastes so heavenly!

Even the ants can smell it a mile away. Leave it open for a couple of minutes, and you will see an army of ants swarming inexorably towards it. So, approved by ants, and approved by me. :)


Ying Ser said...

I eat this too. Very, very good!!! Try the other salad dressings with yuzu in it, they are yummy too. Must be yuzu and not the lemon ones. : )

FatGeisha said...

Ying Ser, any specific brands of yuzu you can recommend?

Ying Ser said...

Riken non oil dressing yuzu from media ya, liang court. It has a pic of the yellow yuzu fruit and a big ゆず printed on the label. You can also try other brands but I like this brand for it's tangy flavour. Other brands usually contain oil, u must shake the bottle before pouring. Great with shredded cabbage.

Wen wen said...

Hi guys,

Thank you for the recommendation!
It tastes really gd! Love the nutty flavour which is very unique; very different from the usual salad dressing sauce.