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LELONG: Drama Serials for Sale!

Price: SGD5 unless otherwise stated. COD
Delivery: Personal delivery where possible
Condition of goods: Excellent and all Original!!! (no fake stuff)
Added Service: A one liner review of the dramas
To order: Please PM me via Facebook or under the comments page of this blog or email me at
Priority: First come first served basis

1. Spring Waltz (20 episodes): Daniel Henney
Romance, beautiful setting in Austria, Daniel Henney is hot but still cannot speak Korean
2. Summer Scent (20 episodes): Song Seung Heun and Son Ye Jin
Part of the Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart series. Typical lovey dovey romance.
3. Lucifer (20 episodes): Joo Ji Hoon, Shin Min Ah
Dark thriller, unusual and engaging.
4. East of Eden (DVD - 56 episodes) - Song Seung Heun
Drama mama! My mum cried buckets.
5. Sassy Girl Chun-Hyung (17 episodes) - Han Chae Young
Romantic high school comedy. Fun.
6. One Fine Day (16 episodes) - Gong Yoo
Romance with scenes in Australia. Watch for Gong Yoo's body.
7. Tree in Heaven (12 episodes) - Park Shin Hye and Lee Wan
Teen romance set in Japan. Very short, very sweet, very sad!!!!!!!!
8. Green Rose (22 episodes) - Lee Dae Hee and Go Soo
Romantic drama, lots of ups and downs, and of course crying.
9. Fashion 70s (28 episodes) - Lee Yo Wan and Joo Jin Mo
Unusual drama set in the 1970s. Not the usual romantic drama. Engaging.
10. The Man of the Vineyard (16 episodes) - Yoon Eun Hye
Romantic comedy. Hero is not good looking but is damn funny.
11. The Great Expectations (17 episodes) - Kim Tae Heun
Comedy with lots of cute children. Set in a kindergarten.
12. All In (24 episodes) - Song Hye Gyo, Lee Byung Hun
Korea's "Unbeatables".
13. Save the Last Dance for Me (20 episodes) - Eu Jin, Jin Seong
A very watchable romantic drama.
14. To Marry A Millionaire (16 episodes) - Go Soo and Kim Young Hoon
Like Joe's Millionaire. Interesting premise for romantic drama.
15. Fireworks (17 episodes) - Han Chae Young
Modern romance, minimal crying. No strenuous over the top plot developments.
16. Mr Duke (16 episodes) - Choi Ji Woo
One of Choi Ji Woo's earlier dramas. It is very funny!
17. Sang Doo, Let's Go to School! (16 episodes) - Rain, Lee Dong Gun
Watch for the men only!
18. Popcorn (16 episodes) - Song Seung Heun
Old romantic drama featuring Song Seung Heun. (Mother is a fan.)
19. Lovers in Prague (18 episodes) - Jeon Do Yeon [Sold]
Setting in duh (!) Prague. Beautiful, beautiful place. Not very hot leads but good acting and unbeatable scenery.

20. Memories of Bali (20 episodes) - Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub
Set in duh (!) Bali. Very drama mama, over the top. But really who cares?

21. Sad Love Story (20 episodes) - Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun
You have been warned. It is a SAD.LOVE.STORY. But very nice drama lah, and good lookers galore.

22. Wonderful Life (16 episodes) - Eu Jin, Kim Tae Heun
Romantic comedy - fun to watch. And a very cute little girl.

23. My Girl (DVD, 16 episodes) - Lee Dae Hee, Lee Joon Ki
Another romantic comedy. Was one of the top hits in Korea the year it was released.

24.Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (16 episodes) - Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin
Romantic comedy about a teacher/student relationship. A very very good show!!! May change my mind and keep this later.

25. Sweet Love (16 episodes) - Lee Wan, Yeong Joon Hoon
Male eye candy

26. Princess Lulu (20 episodes) - Kim Jung Eun
Romantic fantasy/comedy.

27. Hallo, Miss (DVD, 16 episodes) - Lee Dae Hee
YET another romantic comedy.

28. Hwang Jin Yee (DVD, 24 episodes) - Ha Ji Won [Sold]
Historical drama about a Korean geisha. Very engaging.

29. Beautiful Days (24 episodes) - Choi Ji Woo, Lee Byung Hun
Older romantic drama, but most absorbing. Mother LOVES Choi Ji Woo because she cries very well.

30. Prince Diaries (DVD, 16 episodes) - Se7en, Park Shin Hye
Romance and royalty

31. A Love to Kill (DVD, 16 episodes) - Rain
Drama mama with Rain

32. Jumong (DVD, 81 episodes) - Song I Gook [Sold]

33. Beautiful Lies (DVD, 16 episodes) - Choi Ji Woo
Drama mama about 2 fre-nemies.

34. Love Letter (16 episodes) - Cho Hyeon Jae
Romantic drama mama with terminal illness.

35. Air City (DVD, 16 episodes) - Choi Ji Woo
Action romance. Choi Ji Woo as tough action lady. Fast paced.

36. Glass Shoes (40 episodes) - So Ji Sub
Ups and downs of two separated sisters. Yes, very drama again.

37. Summer Beach or Let's go to the Beach (DVD, 14 episodes) - Lee Wan
Romantic comedy for relaxation

NEWLY ADDED on 17 September 2010

38. First Love of Prince (18 episodes) - Sung Yuri, Cha Tae Hyun
Romantic comedy, quite funny and club med settings

39. My 19 Year Old Sister in Law (16 episodes) - Kim Jaw Won
Family drama

40. Stairway to Heaven (20 episodes) - Kwon Sung Woo, Choi Ji Woo
One of my all time favourite K-dramas. May regret selling it.

OMG, I think I can open a specialised shop with all my Korean dramas. And still not done yet, AND I am now suffering from red eyes as a result of all the dust I have disturbed while trying to clear and identify my loot. Time to take a break! More later.

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