Friday, September 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Rant: Need to hold a garage sale

Suddenly we realised that our new house will be ready in 6 to 9 months time. I was expecting it to complete soonest at the end of 2011, but God (and the property developer) obviously has other plans. Now I am faced with having to read up about interior designs and planning the theme for the new house (no I don't think it is going to be Japanese but who knows?), and also the prospect of packing and moving. (Ugh!)

Amazingly, 10 years in a tiny 4-room flat has generated quite a lot of junk, despite my best efforts. I am normally not a sentimental person when it comes to holding on to things unless they are very special. However, Samurai T and I being homebodies - we are not the party nor clubbing people - prefer to stay at home to read a book, watch movies/dramas and surf the Internet. So now I have SHELVES and SHELVES of DVDs/VCDs and books. Not to mention the tons of knick knacks we have accumulated over the years, things that had caught our fancy before but we have long since changed our minds.  As my new house is not going to be much bigger than the current one, I need to find some way to get rid of the uneccessary stuff, and save ourselves the pain of packing when the time comes.

It would be silly and wasteful to throw the stuff away since most are still in good condition - some of my DVDs are brand new and unwrapped! Whereas we would donate things like old clothes and shoes, I don't think my Korean dramas are appropriate for charity. Unlike in America where garage sales are a dime a dozen, I doubt I can hold a "Lelong Fair" at my HDB void deck - LOL. It does not make sense to sell my stuff over Ebay as well, since I am not intending to sell them for a zillion dollars. How then?!!!!!!!!

I believe for a start I would do a proper stocktake and then use this blog as a platform to "lelong" some of my stuff like the DVDs and books to interested parties. If all else fails we will see if I can get a license to hold that "Lelong Fair" to attract HDB aunties. :) Now the tedious work begins to sort through everything - gulp.......

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