Friday, September 3, 2010

Singapore Eat: Heavenly Compote Waffle by Marvelous Cream

I have stopped losing weight. Probably a result of sitting on my ass blogging away non-stop. And the fact that my bloody metabolic rate is screwed. I tried LIGHT exercises two days ago, and now I have an aching lower back, which makes me want to swear in a variety of languages. Thus I have no choice but to continue my starvation tactics, which would also mean that I would be writing more furiously on food-related posts. I cannot eat, but I can THINK about them right???

I have always, ALWAYS loved the sweets shops in Japan, whether they are the traditional おかし (okashi - sweets) or the western type desserts. The shops are always so well designed and the sweets/desserts always look unbearably delicious. If there were no other equally oiishi food around, I would be more than happy to stuff myself silly with Japanese desserts all day. (I know, how to lose weight like that, right?)

I was at 313@Sommerset last week and I chanced upon this Japanese desserts shop called Marvelous (one "L" only) Cream. Apparently they have been in Singapore for 2 years (!!) with their first outlet at Citylink. I was attracted by their display of colourful desserts known as "Heavenly Compote Waffle", which is apparently stuffed with yummy cream made from Hokkaido milk. It is SGD 3 per piece and you would get a free ice pack if you buy 5 pieces. Knowing Samurai T has a mean sweet tooth like I have, I bought 5 different flavours from the more than 10 flavours available.

Caramel, chocolate, tiramisu, green tea, raspberry.

Small slices - done in 3 bites.

Verdict? Yes they look really nice, but I was disappointed. While the cream filling was flavourful and thick and probably VERY sinful, the waffle was way too dry, which spoils the overall taste. In fact, the colourful bread from the local ice cream vendors (at only SGD 1 each) taste much better. It may be that the need for refrigeration has sucked the moisture out of the waffle, but if that was the case, then the whole concept of "Heavenly Compote Waffle" has failed. And at SGD 3 for such a small slice, it is not very cheap when taken into account the various alternative desserts around town.

I would save my money for something else, like Beard Papa. Sorry!

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Ying Ser said...

I agree with you. I was disappointed too. Long queues doesn't translate to 'Wow!' for this case.