Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Flower Boys of Japan

Astonishing. Was it because my subject was on beautiful Japanese women that this site had the largest number of page views in a single day since its inception? I guess it attracted men to click on the link as well - hehe. So the old adage that "Sex Sells" still applies. After all, travel posts only attract serious travellers doing their research. Recently, Blogger included a new function that allows us to see very detailed traffic statistics to our websites. So now I know that I get visitors from countries like the US, Hong Kong, Japan and get this, Saudi Arabia. How cool is that?!

But I've got to be fair. Since I have done my part in raving about Japanese women, I must dedicate one post to the men as well. Despite my previous grouses about the lack of good looking men on the streets, we must not forget that Japan is the birthplace of the flower boys, a trend sparked off by the immensely popular shojo manga, Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers, which was later made into many live action dramas. Of course, the Japanese F4 were quickly trumped by their Taiwanese and Korean counterparts, who were, in all honesty, significantly hotter. But still, they were the trend-setters.

The Japanese F4

So what exactly are the traits of the "Flower Boy"? The following are my own opinions, so don't brick me if you disagree. 

1. Flower boys are generally metrosexual. Many look androgynous. More pretty than handsome.
2. Long wavy hair is almost always a must. Colour and highlights too. Hair that is often more beautiful than a lady's.
3. Often tall, lanky or skinny, and pale. Being tanned is not very in, as it destroys the skin texture. Kissable complexion.
4. Muscles are not necessary but will be good if the body is toned - but no bulk please!
5. Make-up is not evil - foundation is good, occasional eye liner is cool, some lip gloss or lip stick too (particularly for entertainers).
6. Die, die must be fashionable. Nothing is too loud. Can carry off leather pants or white pants and white shoes with panache.
7. Preferably rich - how else to sponsor such a major transformation?
8. And of course, oozing with x-factor and sex appeal. How else to attract girls (and sometimes guys??).

Note: There are of course a lot of half-past-six flower boys who fulfil only a smattering of the above criteria, and trust me, if you cannot carry the look, you will turn out DISGUSTING. But now let us look (and drool) at the successful flower boys.

Of course, the original flower boy I can think of is our beloved Takuya Kimura, who blossomed from a flower boy to a flower man.

Hallo Hottie! Delectable at all times

And then there is Hideaki Takizawa, who was at his hottest flower boy status at 17 in the show Majo No Jouken, but has since lost his glorious lustre with age. 

Such fresh meat then, but age is not so kind to him
(You can check out google if you want to see his recent pics)

Then we have Mokomichi Hayami - who is he, you ask?

(Watch the show if you haven't already)

I am not too sure if he is considered a "flower boy", or maybe "flower uncle" is a better description, but what the hell I like him so I shall add him here as well, the wonderful, brilliant, and sexy Masaharu Fukuyama - Old but still hunky in every way.

And the obasan in me starts screaming......

The latest flower boy to emerge in recent years is Kazuya Kamenashi - who is the poster boy for the brooding, eye-liner-ed flower boy. Some say he is the new Takuya.

Ok, he is smiling here, but usually he's not. :D

I must reiterate again that I do not see successful flower boys floating around the streets of Japan. Rather, many "salarymen" uncle types and young punks trying to look hot but failed populated the places I went to.

On a separate note, my dear Samurai T is nothing like a "flower boy", which means that he also finds it difficult to buy clothes in Japan, where the fashion is funky to say the least. Of course there is also the question of size, since his shape is bulky, stocky (and sometimes fat - I think like a real Samurai from the old days) and un-flower boy-like. So the poor man is often relegated to haunting the aisles of Uniqlo, with its range of more sensible clothing.

And so ends my discussion on Japanese flower boys. Now time to get all my overworked hormones in check.


Ying Ser said...

I like Masaharu Fukuyama too. Kept re-watching the detective drama Galieo to watch him. The story is interesting and of course to hear him say, 'omoshiroi!' But, but, I am not an obasan and neither are u.

FatGeisha said...

OMG I love Galileo too! He was so cool there. I always like it when he pushes up his glass and exclaims "Sodeska". They should make another season. The movie was also fab.

Ying Ser said...

Sadly, they never did. Totally agree, so cool even in the press conference in the dvd set extras. What other Japanese dramas will you recommend? No cutesy boy band types pls? I prefer detective dramas or food related dramas.

FatGeisha said...

There is a mystery fusion historical drama known as "Jin" about a modern doctor who travelled back to ancient Japan. Sounds cheesy but it is a very good show - well thought out except for the "huh?" ending, apparently season 2 is in the making.