Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing....Fat Gisaeng

Gosh, it is already November! And I am still having the "blogger's block". Or maybe I am just feeling too lazy to write a proper travel post - it is actually a lot of work to make the posts interesting (and funny), and so much time is spent on checking grammar and spelling!!! Anyway, writers must move with their urges, and I have none at the moment. So, urge me, readers. Ha!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I have added a new page titled "Fat Gisaeng's Reviews". Going with my internal flow and the need to express my overwhelming love for Korean dramas, I have decided to blog my reviews on my favourite dramas, especially those that have made me obsessive and psychotic. I am not too sure how a new page works (e.g. can I put multiple posts or just one?), but I would not waste my time (and yours) by blogging about the other 90% of nonsense that I watch. I have actually reviewed quite a few dramas on my other private blog, but it is such a pain to maintain 2 blogs at the same time, so let's see how my new twin turns out.

My current obsession is "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", and I have just finished the final episode. So just let me get rid of my hangover, and a review of that marvellous show (watch it! watch it! watch it!!!) should be out soon.

Fat Geisha - Out! (Need to change out of my kimono to a hanbok.)

(4 November 2010)

Drats! The hanbok has to wait. I just realised that an additional page is just that - ONE page, and not for multiple blog posts. Which means that I either have to 1) create another blog (God No!!) or 2) just review K-dramas on a Japanese themed blog, which will be like Korean stars singing Japanese songs, or is it the other way around??

Anyway, let me mull this over a bit more. In the meantime, I think I've got inspiration for another post.

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