Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Japanese Composition aka A Day in the Life of Fat Geisha

After almost 5 months of studying, I have finally achieved a level of language competency which allows me to write a kindergarten-type composition in proper Japanese. And I am most pleased to share it with my readers. (Never mind if you don't understand; just pretend it is the most wonderful masterpiece ever written.)

Fat Geisha さんの1にち


A Day in the life of Fat Geisha

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 8AM. Then I had bread and milk for breakfast. Between 9AM - 11AM, I surfed the Internet. At noon I ate my lunch. From 1PM-3PM I studied my Japanese. At 4PM I met my friends and we went to watch a movie. We ate dinner at a restaurant and drank juice. I went home at 9PM and watched television, and read a book afterwards. I slept at 12 midnight.


What a sense of achievement! So proud of myself!

P.S. I don't quite understand the use of the Japanese keyboard. Changes to KANJI for some words but not others. There is also no alternate お which I can use. (If there is a native Japanese reading this, please give me some advice.) Well, this has been fun anyway. I need to work much harder from now onwards, as it is getting more difficult!

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Anonymous said...

you can type wo for を