Friday, December 17, 2010

Fat Geisha is a TechnoPhobe

Some of my secret admirers may have noticed a few changes to this blog's layout, and that is because the Fat One is experimenting how best to present her writing and the other various side elements. Oh, all right - I am trying to put in more ads to try and monetize the blog without irritating anyone - guilty as charged.

Since moi's web expertise is practically non-existent, she has been surfing the great Internet for tips. I just chanced upon this SUPER website ( which is like THE web mecca on Japanese culture with like a MILLION visitors. And he had a great article on how we should live our life to the fullest and pursue our greatest passion, and if it is blogging why should we be ashamed trying to make money out of our passion? And reading his personal journey to turn his life-long interest on Japanese culture into a big sustaining business today is just so inspiring! If I could achieve a tenth of what he had, I would be happy!

To do so however would be a serious test on my technical abilities. Using templates provided by Blogger is one thing (since it is quite idiot-proof), but to do anything more fanciful sends my head into a spin. I have tried reading some helpful informative sites on website design with all that technical jargon and my brain shuts down immediately. Give me languages to study any day, Ancient Latin also can!! - I am SO NOT a science person. You can throw a "Web Design for Dummies" to me and I would probably go into epileptic fits at the first sentence.

But I must, MUST try to overcome this phobia if I am to turn this blog into something worthy. I have got to convince myself that an old dog can learn new tricks! Anyway, this rambling post is to warn readers not to be too taken aback by any layout changes over the next couple of weeks. Fat Geisha's still here!

P.S. I welcome all suggestions on how to better improve the look of this blog. Thanks in advance!

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