Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fat Geisha Is One Year Younger Today.

I don't need botox - not yet. Once you hit 30, things do not naturally go downhill - truly! *Cross my heart.* Unless one has a really terrible lifestyle or suddenly decides not to upkeep oneself, we don't age quite that visibly. Of course, in another 10 years or longer (I hope), one day I may just wake up and start screaming when I look into the mirror. Now, I look the same, more or less. With careful make up, I can pass off as someone 10 years younger, or so a stranger told me recently that I looked 24!!! I was so delirious with joy for the entire day, let me tell you.

Emotionally, mentally, I still feel unbelievably young. Experience makes you wiser, but doesn't necessarily make you old. Yes, energy levels may have dropped since my spring chicken days, but I was never very energetic when I was younger so I don't feel the difference that I cannot pull all-nighters now. Regardless of age, I have always valued my sleep. When it's required, I can look at things with a cynical eye like an old bitch, but I am still able to feel the wonder of experiencing new things like a kid being given a sweet. Oh joy and more joy! I know, the day I lose my exuberance is the day I am truly old.

However, I don't really look forward to birthdays anymore because the actual numbers are NOT flattering. Yes, I may look 24, behave like 28, yet my identify card will tell you point blank that I am 3....X (secret!). And those under 20 will stare at you like you have grown horns on your head - "OMG you are soooooo freaking old."

Anyways, happy birthday to myself.

A birthday card from my 7-year old niece. Most touching!

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