Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy SMAP Songs To Perk Up My Day

"Why are we playing Japanese songs again?!" wails the Samurai as my list of SMAP, EXILE, Arashi and AZENCHITAI songs went into repeat mode. "I want to listen to Jay Chou!" 

"Because they are NICE!" I said defensively, as I bopped my head to the addictive beats of a SMAP song. "Don't you think they sound happy? They are such great de-stressing songs!" Indeed, I think the singular unique feature of SMAP music is the upbeat and positive tunes with their sometimes illogical and crazy lyrics. No matter how depressed I am, or tired, or stressed out, just listening to their music lifts my spirits like no other. There are romantic songs, love-making songs (a-hem), chill-off songs for a lazy afternoon, spiritual songs, songs to put you to sleep, but in order to get the same effect as a Happy Pill is to play my SMAP songs.

So below are the MVs of my all-time perk-me-up-immediately SMAP songs. (Yes, yes, another opportunity to drool over Takuya in action.)

1) BANG! BANG! バカンス!(Hilarious)

2) ORIGINAL SMILE (From 2005 concert - Such a Happy Song!)

3) SHAKE (Makes me Wanna Boogie and Takuya with Kids Meow!!!! - From 2008 Concert)

Seriously their concerts are so infectious and joyous I am going to ask my girlfriends if we should attend their next concert in Japan. So how GIRLS?!?!

There are other songs like "Dear Woman", "White Message", "Dynamite", etc. (Am too lazy to embed all the videos here.) but those top 3 are my absolute all-time favourites! SMAP forever!

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