Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here We Go Again

Apologies for the long absence, secret admirers. The Fat Geisha was down with a serious bout of flu. As she is typing this, she is still coughing her lungs out. Yes, it's the flu season again. Our beloved Government has in fact declared a nation-wide flu epidemic. But today is not a day to wallow in self-pity, but a day of celebration. I AM GOING TO JAPAN, AGAIN!!

After bitching for several months and watching enviously on the sidelines as friends flew off continuously to my adopted country, the Fat One capitulated yesterday (resistance low due to a drug-induced haze?) and booked two tickets to Tokyo in March, with absolutely no idea which part of Japan she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. Which is a first, because I am such a planner. I don't do things on the impulse (seldom anyway) - I like to plan things to death.

But no matter. There are still SOOO many places we (the Samurai and I) have not covered (and which I doubt we can cover in our life-time even if we visit Japan every year till we die). We are swamped with choices. But what appeals to the historian and the historian's wife? After I shocked the Samurai with my impulsive booking, we quickly narrowed our options to Hiroshima and Sendai. After failing to take the Shinkansen on our last 3 trips, I was adamant that we absolutely had to take one this time round. I would also like to visit one of the "Three Views of Japan" (If Hiroshima, it would be Miyajima. If Sendai, it would be Matsushima Bay). Do we want to see snow or try to catch the sakura? Choices, choices.

In the end it all boiled down to distance. Even by Shinkansen, Hiroshima was a daunting 4 hours ride from Tokyo, while Sendai was only an hour and 40 minutes ride away. The Samurai, long time fan of infamous feudal lord Date Masamune, wants desperately to pay homage to the man on his home turf at Sendai. Matsushima Bay's most famous delicacy are oysters, which we both LURVE. Since Sendai is up north, we may still catch some snow at the tail-end of winter. And when we return to Tokyo maybe we can catch some sakura buds at Ueno Park. The choice is CLEAR!

One eyed feudal lord, Date Masamune. Not my pic obviously. But will be taking the real thing soon!

So time for me to start my massive planning again. My fats are quivering with excitement. This will be my first visit to Japan after I started my language lessons. Will I use it? I cannot wait!!!

The glorious Matsushima Bay - pic taken from


Ofelia said...

Ms. F. Geisha,
We will be traveling in March also and your blog was very helpful in planning our trip. Looking forward to more.

FatGeisha said...

I am glad you found my blog useful. Have fun in Japan and share new tips with me!