Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Snag a Japanese Man (During Valentine's Day)

To be honest, I don't know how. I just thought the title was quite sensational. And much as I wake up everyday in the morning hoping that my Samurai T will turn into a real Japanese Samurai a la Masaharu Fukuyama as Ryoma Sakamoto, it has not happened YET (so I did NOT successfully snag a Japanese man). And for as long as we have been married (sometime during the Bronze Age, I think), the both of us have never celebrated V-Day, deriding it as kiddy, cheesy and way too commercial. (Don't be suckers!)

My dream Samurai.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

But, while we may not celebrate Valentine's Day, we cannot avoid it. Unless we choose not to step out of the house on 14 February, one will be confronted by lovey-dovey teenagers holding bouquets of roses and soft toys, with stars replacing their eyeballs and drool coming out from their mouths (I kid!). Here in Singapore, you actually see more men (or boys) heaping presents on their girlfriends (or if you are lucky - wives) but surprise, surprise, it is actually THE OTHER WAY AROUND in Japan!

This topic would have never come up on my blog but for the fact that my Sensei and classmates were discussing about it animatedly during my weekly language lessons. According to Sensei, Valentine's Day in Japan is when the GIRLS give presents (mostly chocolates) to the boys. Shocked, I did some research on the Internet afterwards and found this to be completely true. Apparently, Japanese girls are supposedly quite shy (Hontoni??) and hence V-Day is the day when they can express their love, admiration, gratitude, yadda, yadda to the opposite sex. In fact, they do not just give chocolates to their loved ones (or those they have crushes on), they also give "giri-chocolates" ("obligation" chocolates) to their bosses and colleagues.

At this point you may think, like me, that "WHAT?!?!?! Why so unfair? Don't the females get anything?!" In Japan, there is apparently a WHITE DAY on 14 March, when it is time for the males to reciprocate. White Day is specific to the Japanese culture - we don't get that elsewhere in the world. 

Back to V-Day then. It is said that to the male you are interested in, you must buy the BEST and most expensive chocolates (can you hear the ka-ching from the retailers?!) to express the depth of your emotion. Kit-Kats would suffice if you are giving giri-chocolates, I believe. But if price is a factor on how much you love/like a guy, it is quite a problem for female students with little income. So the chocolates (beautifully wrapped) will also be accompanied by a flowery love letter, stuffed in the boy's locker or under his desk. Or better still, bake some heart shape cookies for the man. Popular boys in school will naturally have lockers and desks overflowing with chocolates (like can you imagine the CALORIES?!), while the not-so-popular ones will completely dread Valentine's Day (poor souls).

And what would a post on Japanese men be, without our all-time favourite Japanese male - the delectable Kimura-san?! I am positive that he drowns under a mountain of chocolates come every V-Day. I don't think I would give Kimura-san chocolates though. I prefer to throw my underwear at him.

Kiss me, Baby....

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