Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking for Snow Monsters at Zao Mountains

I am so super efficient. Within two days of booking the air tickets, I have about completed my entire one week itinerary, and booked my hotels too. Besides my planning brilliance, some credit goes to Japan for being such an amazing country with never-ending things to see and do.

Eager tourists amidst the Snow Monsters on Mount Zao.

On my list of "Top To-Dos" is to make a day trip from Sendai to Yamagata Prefecture to visit the famous Zao Mountain Snow Monsters. These are white gigantic monoliths in various shapes and sizes that are found perched on top of the Zao Mountain come every winter. The giant "Snow Monsters" are in actual fact snow-covered trees which are formed when the powerful Siberian winds blow snow and ice onto them, and they quickly froze in situ, thus creating a spectacular sight for visitors. I have seen them on television on Japan Hour, and they looked absolutely amazing (and menacing at night). The best part is that this natural phenomenon lasts until the end of March, which means I would be in time to check out these glacial beasts. According to an Internet article I have come across during research, this sight is not expected to last more than another 40 years due to global warming, so we have got to catch it while we still can! 

On my part, I have only seen week-old snow ONCE (which had already turned into ice) on a mountain in Tasmania during my honeymoon eons ago. Being the pathetic and deprived tropical dweller that I am, I simply cannot wait to be surrounded by a snow scape. It would be freezingly AWESOME!

And after our amazing sojourn (of that I am sure), I figure the best way to cure our cold is to hunker down and find ourselves a good restaurant selling the famous Yonezawa beef of Yamagata. I am still researching for the best place to eat this delicacy at the moment and my stomach is already growling in anticipation as I write. Do wait for my review then.

In the meantime, I would like to wish all my beloved Chinese readers a very Bunny New Year! (And I am off to binge and celebrate this whole week - the Fat Geisha needs to maintain her weight you see.)   

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