Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prepping for Tohoku

Before I start I would just like to give a shout out to my TWO and ONLY followers! (Hey, I never expected to be "followed" in the first place.) Thank you for having the good taste to follow this blog. I am indeed pleasantly surprised that besides my friends (including the now self-proclaimed "The Evil One") and relatives, there are actually other people from different parts of the world interested in my silly (but occasionally useful) blog.  Egypt?? Denmark? India? Wherever you come from, you guys are cool! The Fat Geisha feels your love.
I cannot find an image of a Fat Geisha (what do you mean, no such thing?!), but this Geisha sends her gratitude.

For the sake of useless information to join all other useless info from the Web, according to stats generated by Blogspot, my consistently top post is shockingly NOT a travel post, nor food post, nor posts about my beloved Takuya Kimura, but a post on HACHIKO, Japan's most famous dog. (Read post here.) There are certainly a lot of dog lovers out there in the world! I'm a crazy dog lover myself, so while I also love men (I can feel the Samurai shooting daggers into my back), I can understand why a dog can trump in popularity over Kimura-san.

I finally gathered my courage to watch the Hollywood version recently and of course I cried enough tears to flood my country.

THREE MORE DAYS!!!! I am finally going to my amazing adopted country in THREE MORE DAYS!!! I am so excited I can barely sleep properly. In fact, I have already packed most of our things, and am just throwing additional stuff into the luggage as and when I remember. Despite my ADVANCED preparations, 90% I would probably forget something important, like a hair band, or my day cream, or some crap like that. Once, I even forgot my camera. It always happens. I just checked the weather on Google and it appears that Tohoku, where we will be stationed for two thirds of the trip would be snowing (Yay!). The Samurai and I haven't seen snow proper, only slush on the mountains of Tasmania many donkey years ago. While I can't wait to see snow, I am also a bit fearful about my tolerance level for sub-zero temperatures, which would be the case when we go to the ski resort at Zao Onsen in Yamagata. And since we are tropical dwellers, we also don't have a mountain of winter wear at home, which could be disastrous.

On the topic of winter wear, my girlfriends have been trying to advise me to buy down jackets. But is it just me, or down jackets do look terribly ugly and unglam?! Honestly, everytime I see it, it reminds me of  the Michelin Man. And I really hate the idea of looking like Michelin Man. Yes, I KNOW it is the best thing to keep me warm, the alternative being that I can stay fashionable in pretty clothes and then freeze to death. You know how women go to extremes for the sake of beauty. ;P

Spot the similarity?!?!

The last thing I am wondering is if I should bring my Nihongo no Jisho i.e. Japanese dictionary along on this trip. In my last couple of lessons, I have learnt REALLY useful phrases that can bring me places in Japan. As mentioned before, this will be the first time I am going to Japan, armed with some language knowledge other than "Arigato" and "Sumimasen". This would be a test of my new language prowess, although I have a BAD feeling that I will still not use much more than "Arigato" and "Sumimasen". Maybe "Ikura deska?" i.e. "How much?" will be the new catchphrase. However, my main fear is not asking questions, but NOT being able to understand their answers. As it is, every week I struggle through the listening comprehension component of our homework. Such a pain.

So my dear readers, this is the final post until I return! Hang on tight and I will bring back many juicy stories and new information from this trip. Check back here in another 2 weeks!


Sarah said...

Tohoku speaks another Japanese dialect if I rem correctly. All else fail, use English...I rem speaking English there as the frontline usu can, unless u go to a super ulu place lor

My little cup of sunshine said...

Totally agree on the michelin tyre comment. Too ugly but you have to be sensible. Even the korean drama stars look bad.

Umm, with your new language skills, you will probably get Japanese who think u can speak as fluently as them and will answer excitingly at ur Jap ques.

Then u will meekly utter, I am so sorry. I can only understand a little.

My little cup of sunshine said...
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