Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And the Japanese Word for "Buttocks" Is ........ (Drumroll)


Kiss my O-SHI-RI.

At long last we have graduated to learning how to identify body parts in Japanese. The guys in class were quite excited at the prospect of learning the word "body" or からだ (karada) - I believe so that they can pick up Japanese girls in the future by praising their body - "あなたの体はいいですね!” "Your body is great!" Of course, I am not too sure if they will get the response they want or they will be "rewarded" with two tight slaps across the face. Perhaps I am imagining too much and they just want to learn the term so that they can discuss about girls amongst themselves.

In my case I am the most excited about the butt, or ass, for ulterior motives, naturally. In the beginning of the lesson when Sensei was going through the more typical terms like eyes "め", ears "みみ", mouth "くち" etc., I was itching to ask, "Buttocks" は日本語で何ですか"  but was too embarrassed to do so (I know, you thought that I am thick-skinned?!?! I am occasionally shy, as a geisha should be, dude.) Thankfully, my prayers were answered when we were given a sheet of paper with a cartoon figure and the listed body parts! Yay! (Although it would have been more inspiring if we were given a picture of Kimura-san with HIS assorted body parts listed out.)

Being the conscientious student that I am, I am sharing my valuable notes with other conscientious (and possibly licentious) students of the Japanese language, as below:

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