Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Crazy Takuya Ad

Don't KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry (Sumimasen, gomenasai etc.) for being away so long, but I was sooooo heated up about the the Singapore General Elections that I had no room for any non-political thoughts. I was even thinking about turning this blog into a "Memoirs of a Fat Politician", but thankfully sanity has returned, and here I am.

Thanks to the Evil One, I have something to share with you before I work on a longer post about our recent adventures at a School Uniform Party, which we organised with friends to help raise some funds for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. It was SOME PARTY, let me tell you! But you've got to wait a little longer as I organise my thoughts and pictures.

So the Evil One posted this video out of our mutual love for Kimura-san, so that I could admire his bulging biceps (and they were REALLY bulging, mind you). Unlike previous ads which I have shared here, this is not from Gatsby but the hot Kimura was plugging for Nissin cup noodles. But like his Gatsby ads, this one was equally hilarious and nonsensical, bulging biceps not withstanding. I am AMAZED how he can do all these crazy things with such a straight face, but I am thinking, from the way he worked his tanned and glorious biceps, it would have been far more appropriate if he was advertising chicken drumsticks, because he looks simply DELICIOUS. Imagine having those arms wrapped around you and you can take a bite off....!!!

Well, the video is here. Have fun fantasizing.

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