Friday, May 27, 2011

On a Silk Road Sojourn

Bleh, another unproductive month in blogging - you must be tired of hearing me say sorry as much as I am sick of doing so. But this time I am going to blame the iPad for my dismal blogging. I use it so much that I don't even bother to open my laptop these days unless I am streaming some online dramas (which used flash). Unfortunately, in addition to NOT being able to stream my favourite K- and J-dramas, it also sucks when I try to blog. I can only blog on the HTML platform (yucks) and I cannot post any photos. So? Blame it all on Steve Jobs, or even Blogger - make it more iPad friendly, damn it!

Anyway, tonight I am going on a 10-day journey with the Samurai to China, who is leading a bunch of students there for some cultural discovery. Yeah I know, not too happening going with students, but short of crying myself to sleep from loneliness when he is away, I decided to tag along for the ride. Besides, the Silk Road part of China is somewhere I haven't been too, and sounds totally exotic, although I have butterflies in my stomach thinking whether I can adjust to the food there.

Will be back on 8 June, and after I recover from what is surely going to be an immensely tiring trip, I PROMISE I will get my blogging groove back.

Have fun in the meantime, my dears.

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