Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doing the Locomotion - SMAP's Softbank Ads

This LASIK thing is really miraculous. And I thought I would be out for a very long time, but the truth is, I could have easily blogged the next day after my operation. The results were almost instantaneous, and contrary to all my greatest fears, the op was incredibly fast and painless. Now I feel reborn again, and it seems I am looking at all things anew, in super sharp focus!

So after two China related posts, the Evil One has been egging me on to post more Japanese stuff. She made a brilliant suggestion to blog about SMAP's Softbank ads. For those not in the know, Softbank is a multi-billion dollar telecommunications and media company and currently the only carrier of iPhone in Japan. What is so interesting (and mighty frustrating) is that SMAP recently came down to Singapore in March (!!!) to shoot the latest Softbank ad - the location being Singapore's newest architectural icon, the Marina Bay Sands. And none of us knew of their top secret trip to Singapore UNTIL they had left the country!!! And we were all seething at the missed opportunity of catching the hot Kimura-san on our homeground. Bah! I could have brought him to eat chilli crab and other Singapore delicacies, you know....... (and do many other things WITH and TO him as well......)

Well, no use bawling over spilled milk. The Singapore Softbank ads are out, and I have been checking the various Softbank ads on Youtube and it appears that like the Gatsby ads, they have a signature tune, which in this case is Kylie's "Locomotion", accompanied by a cute little dance (which has been spoofed countless times). It goes something like this:

The ad is cool and fun at the same time, although as usual I don't quite see the link between mobile phones and their dance, but the Japanese definitely operate on a different mental plane from the rest of the world.

So let's check out the Singapore MBS version, where all of them look quite stunning decked out in white (especially YOU-KNOW-WHO):

There is also a talking component of the Singapore ad, but alas, my Japanese language skills are not quite there yet to be able to catch what they are gabbing about (something about the wonderful Internet connectivity in Singapore??), but the ending is hilarious because they turned our national icon, the Merlion, into "Maoto-san" - which looks like the Fox God I see in Japanese shrines.

There are many other interesting and funny incarnations of the Softbank ads, and also the spoofs, which I will reserve for another post another day.

Until then!!!!

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ying ser said...

I like the one which is a robot unfolding. Took me sometime during the Tokyo trips to figure that Softbank is not a bank even though I stared riveted at the tv ads. I was really deerrrr.