Thursday, June 23, 2011

THAT School Uniform Party (NC-16)

DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE BELOW 16. I will NOT be responsible for your mental corruption. >.<

Hmmm, me bad. My propensity to procrastinate on things is boundless. For example, if I had bothered to haul my own ass, I would have done LASIK a long time ago, and start to enjoy splendid vision for a much longer time. And, about 2 months after the event, I am FINALLY getting down to blogging about THE School Uniform Party the Evil One and I co-organised with a couple of other friends. Be warned: although I would be blurring the faces of the participants, if you don't think you can stomach seeing 30-somethings  dressing up as 16 and 17 year-olds (or even younger, hur hur), STOP READING NOW.

The idea to hold this wacko party arose out of a fairly harmless conversation about my predilection for younger, hot men (shall not name names just in case he/they read this blog) with a group of friends. One of them, let's call him Z-san, suggested to Samurai T, that in order to hold onto my interest as a result of my "cougar" instincts, he should wear his old school uniform around the house. Somehow, one thing led to another, and we decided to re-visit our long gone youth by holding a School Uniform Party, and at the same time use this as a platform to raise some funds for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Obviously I had thrown my school uniforms away donkey years ago, and in any case, I seriously doubt I could fit into any of those without rupturing the seams. The Evil One and I decided to embrace our inner sluts and go for the "Japanese School Girl" look, which stirs up all kinds of objectionable fantasies, and look something like this.....
This is about the most conservative Japanese school girl look that I could find on the Internet. Obviously, the chaste "virgin" thingie ain't gonna work for us older folks.

You cannot BELIEVE the number of PORN SITES that popped up the minute I googled "Japanese school girl image". I believe this is from one of those "adult" sites, even though this image actually looks quite innocent. This uniform actually looked REALLY similar to what The Evil One ultimately wore that night - right, right!?!? 

The key thing about Japanese school uniforms is that the skirt has got to be SHORT. Very short indeed. The one I ended up buying was sooooo short half my butt was showing, much to Samurai T's horror. As I did not have slim thighs and long legs like this hot lady above, I had to wear tights so as not to look overly obscene.

In the beginning I was contemplating on going as Sailor Moon, which was one of my favourite manga characters as a kid. The Evil One, Z-san and I made a trip down to a cosplay shop in town and indeed they had a Sailor Moon costume for rental. But I changed my mind immediately. If you don't know, or remember, Sailor Moon looks like this:

No way in the world am I going to be able to carry this off!!!

For one, her skirt cannot be in all honesty be classified as a "skirt". Two, the top is the tightest thing ever known to mankind. Three, I had to get a blond wig to complete the look. In the end, both of us decided to stick to good old Japanese schoolgirl uniforms which cost us SGD89 each!!! She had on a summer version, and I took on the winter, long-sleeved version. We both turned out looking like this:

The Evil One and The Fat Geisha - how wonderful did we look?!

We did up our hair in style - I had mine tied up in ponytails and she had on girly hair clips. I was totally in love with my seriously bright pink uniform - under poor lighting I was quite sure I could pass off as 16 years of age again. The party was a rocking success because many of our guests came dressed up to the nines, but I am not going to post all of them because it is such a chore to "pixel-late" faces.

 This is us with Z-san, who is looking trim and fit in a local school uniform. We were supposed to be "seducing" an innocent school boy, but I don't think we succeeded. LOL.

That's me, posing with a strawberry and trying to give off "come-hither" vibes. I think I failed on that count too! Don't you think those black tights are very slimming?!!?!?

This was another one of our co-organisers, C-san, who was wearing the tightest imaginable shorts EVER, and yet still looking hilariously like a primary school boy. Insane!

Despite our supposedly raunchy poses, it was a night of good, CLEAN fun. We were happily playing mahjong, and cards, and stuffing ourselves silly on a scrumptious Thai buffet spread that The Evil One sponsored (I forgot why it wasn't Japanese). Here's a pic to make you drool.....

So, so, so YUMMY......................!!!!!!

Ultimately, we did some good in the end. We raised SGD 500 (not a lot but it was a last minute gathering) for the Japanese Red Cross while having oodles of fun. Applause, applause, everyone!!!

P.S. If you are wondering why there are no pics of the Samurai here, he was wearing boring PE (Sports) attire because he couldn't find a uniform to fit his bulk. ;P

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