Monday, August 22, 2011

EXILE Here We Come

Thanks to the Evil One, we have SUCCESSFULLY balloted for the EXILE concert tickets in Hokkaido on 24 December 2011. While I am jumping up and down in excitement (figuratively), this also means there will be a crazy mad rush to nail down our holiday itinerary. And I have been so incredibly busy and WILL BE incredibly busy from now until the end of this year. There are business concerns, moving to a new house and planning renovations, studying for JAPANESE N-5!!!! and learning how to drive?! I think I am insane since I have so obviously bitten off more than I can chew. So help me GOD!!!!

Anyway, this is a warning that my posts will likely be spotty for the rest of 2011. I will TRY my best to write whenever possible.

So here I leave you (and the Evil One) with another cool-looking EXILE poster, with a slogan totally close to her heart and directly aiming at Atsushi.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Hokkaido Pictures

I was so inspired after my Takuya dream, but after the last post, all inspiration dried up like a prune. Although to my defence I must say that I had an extremely busy week which included celebrating my wedding anniversary with the Samurai, and then celebrating my country's 46th National Day. Yes, I celebrated by eating lots of good food and gaining weight, despite my best efforts to uh, do some exercises. All to no avail.

Anyway, just so that this blog does not seem too dead, I am going to post random pictures on Hokkaido (nice ones ok) that I have found all over the Internet, mainly to whet up my appetite for my planned year end trip. (Unfortunately, I have yet to book my trip but I am waiting for an upcoming travel fair.) Don't sue me for copyright - I am just sharing good stuff with fellow Japan lovers!!!

Below are just some of the things that I would love to see and do (and eat):

Hokkaido crabs - I dream about you night and day (never mind the cholesterol).

 Hokkaido is famous for its sprawling and jaw-dropping natural landscapes. This is Mount Kurodate.

This is Lake Akan, another well-known sightseeing spot.

What is Hokkaido without snow? I know the Evil One is dying to go skiing, although the Samurai is barely enthusiastic. I'm game for anything. This is Niseko, where the snow is like powder!!

The majestic cranes that are so symbolic of Hokkaido - enough said.

Why would I want to go to Hell Valley?! Why, to enjoy a good onsen, of course!!!

 Hokkaido also has an indigenous population known as the Ainu people. This is an Ainu Village at the Akan National Park. Have they turned into tourist traps, I wonder?

Another place I would love to visit is Otaru. I have seen countless gorgeous pics of the Otaru Canal just like the one above. So romantic, no? 

Of course we must not forget the capital Sapporo as well. Despite all the natural beauty Hokkaido has to offer, I am a city girl at heart. Really, where else can you get to shop if not at a bustling city?!

As usual, I must end the post with another food picture. This will make the Samurai happy for DAYS. The Hokkaido Ramen. Just like we have got to eat the crabs, we are certainly going to slurp down these delicious noodles.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Dreamt of Takuya (and a 2-cents worth review of Moon Lovers)

For the first time in my life, I dreamt of Takuya Kimura.

It wasn't a nonsensical daydream conjured up by the brain in boredom, nor one of those "I think it was Takuya Kimura, but his face was quite blur lah" but a long drawn out dream, with fairly logical happenings, and you could still remember bits of it when you suddenly wake up and realise, DAMN, you were NOT having dinner with Takuya afterall.

The crappiest thing about this dream was I wasn't even making out with Takuya (seriously I need to go for a brain check). I don't THINK I even got to TOUCH him. I spoke to him though, logically, sensibly, which was even stranger to me because I believe in real life I would have squealed, hyperventilated and fainted, rather than stand there and make normal conversation, which was what I did, in the dream. As much as I could remember now, many hours later, it appeared that a group of us (could not recall exactly WHO) attended what was likely to be a SMAP concert, and somehow, we got to make a date with Takuya (!!!) to meet us for dinner outside and he appeared in semi disguise (looking most plain and normal) and my first thought was, "He's short!" and then we proceeded to have dinner in a foodcourt like place and just talked. And I have no freaking idea what we talked about. THE END.

The weird thing was I wasn't even thinking about Takuya in recent days. I wasn't even listening to SMAP songs, since Samurai  T totally preferred EXILE music (a key reason why he was willing to join us for the Hokkaido concert). The only thing I could think of that could have sparked my brain into dreaming this inane dream was a TV preview I saw on an interview with Lin Chiling (Taiwan actress/model) who was talking about acting in "Moon Lovers" or "Tsuki no Koibito" with Takuya Kimura, and I told myself then, "Ah ha, I should blog a review about "Moon Lovers" in my next post."

Obviously the brain works in mysterious ways.

Since I have expended significant energy talking about my Takuya dream, I am just going to do a half-assed review of "Moon Lovers". Shown sometime last year, it was Takuya's latest drama project and it was supposedly "exciting" because Lin Chiling, a relative famous Taiwanese personality was going to play his love interest. (Bitch.) So of course I was curious how she would fare trying to ACT and speak in Japanese at the same time. Afterall, her acting has been slammed by a zillion supposedly objective critics and not just by sour grapes like me.

To cut a long story short, Takuya was acting as a suave young president of a furniture company Rensuke who somehow fell into the company of a poor Chinese worker working at his Shanghai factory, Lin Chiling's Shumei. Like a swan she was recruited to become the face of Regolith (his company) and at the same time romance the boss and kiss him passionately. (Bitch.) Even as he was fending off the attentions of another heiress from rival company and his long time best friend. Somehow in the course of 8 short episodes, they realised they were not for each other, and he got married to his best friend instead, while finding himself and whatever else he was trying to find. Bottomline was, the script was so blah and illogical, it resulted in the poorest ratings of a Takuya drama EVER, and what was originally 10 episodes got snipped to 8 episodes. Obviously Takuya's brooding presence (The Evil One commented he was like sour grapes throughout) couldn't rescue a sinking ship. Even I couldn't quite remember what the story was really about, and I have a pretty good memory.


Throughout the show I only remembered doing a few things: 1) Admiring Takuya's boyish tycoon image in spite of his sour expression; 2) Cursing while they were engaged in a passionate kiss; 3) Admiring Takuya; 4) Bitch. And so on, and so forth.

Honestly, the best thing about "Moon Lovers", other than Takuya Kimura was the title soundtrack, which I positively LURVE. Below is one of the coolest MTV, and yes, the singer does not look even remotely like a Japanese, but he's quite cute and you can enjoy the great music.

The following is a performance of two songs of Curly Haired Man with SMAP. Check out Takuya in his "Rensuke" guise and his oh-so-slick dance moves. Um-ummmm, I LIKE! To be honest though, SMAP sort of spoils the song with their singing. ;P