Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Hokkaido Pictures

I was so inspired after my Takuya dream, but after the last post, all inspiration dried up like a prune. Although to my defence I must say that I had an extremely busy week which included celebrating my wedding anniversary with the Samurai, and then celebrating my country's 46th National Day. Yes, I celebrated by eating lots of good food and gaining weight, despite my best efforts to uh, do some exercises. All to no avail.

Anyway, just so that this blog does not seem too dead, I am going to post random pictures on Hokkaido (nice ones ok) that I have found all over the Internet, mainly to whet up my appetite for my planned year end trip. (Unfortunately, I have yet to book my trip but I am waiting for an upcoming travel fair.) Don't sue me for copyright - I am just sharing good stuff with fellow Japan lovers!!!

Below are just some of the things that I would love to see and do (and eat):

Hokkaido crabs - I dream about you night and day (never mind the cholesterol).

 Hokkaido is famous for its sprawling and jaw-dropping natural landscapes. This is Mount Kurodate.

This is Lake Akan, another well-known sightseeing spot.

What is Hokkaido without snow? I know the Evil One is dying to go skiing, although the Samurai is barely enthusiastic. I'm game for anything. This is Niseko, where the snow is like powder!!

The majestic cranes that are so symbolic of Hokkaido - enough said.

Why would I want to go to Hell Valley?! Why, to enjoy a good onsen, of course!!!

 Hokkaido also has an indigenous population known as the Ainu people. This is an Ainu Village at the Akan National Park. Have they turned into tourist traps, I wonder?

Another place I would love to visit is Otaru. I have seen countless gorgeous pics of the Otaru Canal just like the one above. So romantic, no? 

Of course we must not forget the capital Sapporo as well. Despite all the natural beauty Hokkaido has to offer, I am a city girl at heart. Really, where else can you get to shop if not at a bustling city?!

As usual, I must end the post with another food picture. This will make the Samurai happy for DAYS. The Hokkaido Ramen. Just like we have got to eat the crabs, we are certainly going to slurp down these delicious noodles.

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