Friday, September 16, 2011

Cat Adventures: Maru Desu (まるです)

Ever since my beloved pooch, Waggie, passed into eternity more than a year ago (14 months to be exact), I have been without a dog, and I had dogs since I was 11 years old. As an adult, it is infinitely more difficult to commit your time and love to the little canine, what with all the various distractions and responsibilities one has to face each day. But the death of my dear friend of 15 years (!!!) left a huge gaping hole in my life that even the Samurai cannot quite fill (I mean, he is not cute and furry after all. HAIRY, but not furry. Heh.)

Thankfully, in our neighbourhood we have a number of the cutest stray cats in Singapore, all lovingly cared for by a group of "cat ladies" who fed them with the best food, and brought them to the vet when they got injured or sick. Both the Samurai and I have made friends with these cats. (Samurai, for some reason, LOVES CATS, but cannot keep one as he is allergic to fur.) We feed the strange motley of cats with treats frequently, and play with them almost everyday. Although they are not as passionate as dogs, they have come to recognize us, and will come to us to be stroked (or fed).

Just this weekend, we found a new kitten meowing pathetically under a car. Since all the cats in our neighbourhood have been neutered, this newbie must have been abandoned! It turned out to be the MOST GORGEOUS Siamese kitten I have ever seen, with the most magnetic blue eyes EVER. We brought it up to our house (very dangerous for new kitty to be outside), and I fed and played with it for a good three hours.

Young Blue Eyes.

I totally fell in love. For the first time since Waggie's passing, I was tempted to keep a pet that is NOT a hamster. The Siamese kitten was playful and extremely intelligent. It was also very expressive in its adoration, being a motherless kitten and all. When it got tired of exploring our house, it promptly jumped onto my lap and fell asleep!! Such a dear. But one look at the Samurai sent my hopes crashing down to earth again. Unless I want to murder my husband, using the "Death by Fur" method, i.e. flood his windpipes with fur and make him gag to death, we cannot keep the cat. In the end, VERY reluctantly, I had to let the little kitty go to Samurai's colleague, who has experience in rehabilitating and re-homing cats. :(

The little dear falling asleep on my lap. Isn't he the sweetest feline?!!??!!?

In view of Samurai's physical weaknesses, we normally admire cats from afar, including on YouTube. Unless you are a cat hater or from Mars, you should have heard of the most famous Internet cat from Japan, known as "Maru". He is a tubby Scottish Fold cat and his adventures (he gets into the most laughable scrapes with boxes) are faithfully recorded by his mysterious female owner, mugumogu. He even has his own blog ( and a book out now too! (For those practicing Japanese, the blog is in both English and Japanese.) Amazing.

Some of his funny videos I have posted below. Enjoy!

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