Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good News to Start Off November!

I got 89% (or 160/180 marks) for my JLPT 5 Mock Test 1!!!

After all the agonising and fretting prior to the event, I actually passed.

I was actually surprised by my excellent results, because I found the test rather difficult, and to be VERY honest, I DID NOT even finish studying all the given materials (probably only read through a quarter of them). So a combination of dumb luck and paying attention during class paid off in spades. Of course, I am not going to take it for granted that I would naturally pass come the actual exam on 4 December. In fact, Sensei has already warned the class that Mock Test 2, to be held in another 3 weeks, would be significantly more difficult (むずかしいですね). Shudder.

Even the Evil One, who has been travelling non-stop for work, has passed the test. She was practically doing cartwheels in class when she received her results because she was sure she would have failed. In fact, the entire class passed, and it was hard to tamp down the celebratory mood! (And it was not even the real thing. We are so easily satisfied, no?)

The best part of my day was that my results topped the class. I marginally scrapped past my 19 year-old classmate (89% to his 88%) who is always very good in his Japanese. (It was a funny moment when he realised he lost by ONE percentage point.) I am *er-hem* ALMOST twice his age (not quite) but SUCH satisfaction and a sense of achievement I felt. My older brain is not dead yet! There is still life and vigour! Take THAT, young brains! Take THAT, spring chickens! (Hmm, all this hidden resentment against youthfulness is rising out of nowhere.) Maybe if I was 19, I would have gotten 100%!!!!!!!! (Ok, I am probably stretching it.)

Well, enough of gloating. It is a good start to November nevertheless. Hopefully I will have more time to write a few more posts but don't hold your breath. I have got to keep my top dog position in class.

Gonna frame this up! :D

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Anonymous said...

Gratz on passing the test! I am taking the N4 this coming weekend so I am little worried now since you said the N5 was harder than you thought it would be...and it was the mock test even. Where did you get your study book and what is it like? I am using the Nihongo So-Matome series but sometimes its a little tough on introducing the grammar.