Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EXILE - あなたへ (Towards You)

I was trying to write about my amazing EXILE concert experience at Sapporo Dome last Christmas Eve over the Chinese New Year holidays. Wrote halfway and suddenly the laptop died on me and I lost more than half of my writing and all inspiration died in me. Then of course the holidays ended and work came in waves and I never came near this blog again.

Today I finally, FINALLY!!! had some time to transfer some new EXILE songs to my iTunes. Chief among them is my new great love あなたへ (Towards You) which I first heard during the concert, when my jaw dropped to the floor and I could literally feel my soul flying to the heavens (like seriously!). Hearing it live, seeing the spectacle on the stage, time stopped for just that few precious minutes. After snapping out of my delirium when the performance ended, I remember turning to the Evil One and demanded, "What was THAT SONG?!" Fanatic that she was, she did not know, and we later found out it was their latest song, to be officially released in the new year. Well, both Takahiro and Atsushi sounded like angels (no blasphemy intended), and in that time and space, with snow falling outside the dome, and it being Christmas Eve, the feeling was really indescribable.


So after the concert we stood outside in the freezing cold to queue up to buy EXILE memorabilia and I also bought a CD having no idea what was contained inside. Only upon returning to the warmth of our hotel at an ungoldly hour of 1AM (concert ended around 9.30PM), I found out it was their latest single. And for weeks the song was on repeat mode in the car, until the Evil One lent us Atsushi's new semi-Chinese album. Then I forgot all about it.....

Until today. As I was downloading the songs to my laptop, and watching a DVD (also courtesy of the Evil One - yes she the curator of the Everything EXILE museum), I watched the MV of あなたへ with my new HD Samsung TV and Philips surround soundbar and OMG, I fell in love with the song ALL OVER AGAIN. So after going on and on about it, here's the MV (a short version), released officially by the record company. AVEX is seriously miserly you know?! In any case, listen to the full song if you can!

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